Twitter erupts saying Nawaz Shareef is a Disgrace and Traitor

In an interview to a media group, Nawaz Shareef stated that 26/11 attackers in Mumbai Hotel were hailed from Pakistan. Which is quite a serious allegation as being an ex prime minister of a country. As a citizen and a person being in the service for Pakistan, one cannot divulge any secret known to him and if accused, the act is cognizable under State Secret Act, section 12. Here is the story by the way.

On this statememt, people are reacting through their available resources. Presently, it is the only topic of discussion at my home. Well, let’s check out how twitter world is reacting and saying in the context.

Mubasher Lucman is the one asking for a legal action against Nawaz Shareef

He wants to safeguard hi personal interests. No Doubt!

He is a Ghaddar

Seriously, what the hell..?

History reviving..?


Pakistan to come first

Yes, in the history of Pakistan.. Ever!

He is a traitor

A threat to Pakistan’s repute in the world.


So, right now, Pakistan is facing a serious bad time as whole world is debating on this and saying that the ex prime minister admitted this act of terrorism. We want Nawaz Shareef to be brought under investigation and clear the matter in front of whole world.


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