So the best month of the year Ramadan is here with a chance for all of us to make ourselves a better person. Anyway out focus is not on the Islamic point of views here. Tarawih is a vital part of Ramadan and people do visit for taravIh very strictly. But we also witness a lot of stuff which may spread smiles. So we are gonna tell you about the type of people we see with during Taravih.

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Please keep in mind that this piece is written on a lighter note just for fun and with no intention to judge anyone.



This type is admired by all. I wish I could be like the ones who pray tarawih regularly throughout Ramadan. I am not gonna reveal which type I belong to but I am not this one for sure (not that I am proud of it so please do pray for me to make me a regular guy).

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2 – On and Off

The second type is kinda inconsistent. They are regular in the start but after the end of first ashra they start losing their interest and they then seldom visit the mosque for Tarawih.

3 – Tulla party

This type mostly belongs to the awaara boys. The boys who used to bunk college to stay at snooker clubs are mostly found to be Tarawih bunkers as well. They bunk the prayer just to sit at some chai hotel or somewhere else just talking to their friends they already meet daily.

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4 – Half Time

They just get tired halfway so they just leave after half the prayers are done.

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5 – Wanderers and Free Thinkers

They stay in the Masjid but are normally found near toilets, coolers or just sitting around talking to like minded people.

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6 – 2nd rakat

This kind is actually the smart one. They stay idle during the first rakat but as soon as they hear the jamaat going into ruku they will suddenly stand up and join the jamaat. This way they get rest during the first rakat and also completes the Tarawih.

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7 – Khatm e Quraan Mithai

These people are not found throughout Ramadan but only visit the mosque on the day of Khatm-e-Quran just to get the mithai box. They are so smart that they will be sitting in the first row and after collecting the mithai box they will cleverly switch to the following row hiding the previous box. I have seen people leaving with four to five boxes so it depends on you how many boxes you can get on the day.

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8 – No Taraveeh

These are simple people. They are indifferent of the Tarawih (doesn’t matter they fast or not). They will carry on with their lives after Iftaar and won’t stay in mosque after Isha.

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Please keep in mind that this piece is written on a lighter note just for entertainment purposes. So just tag your friends to remind them of their type and laugh. Also let us know if we are missing any specific kind of people and we will add them in the article.


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