Types of Rozay-dar… which one are you?

Let me introduce you all to the types of Rozay-dar we all come across in the month of Ramzan.

1- The Hoarder.

These guys believe in eating anything and everything in suhoor and iftaar. Speed of their hoarding food is impeccable too! If you see them eating from a distance you might think that they are absorbing it all in! Although, watching them hog all the parathas, samosa, chaat and dahi baray ain’t a pretty picture at all!


2- The Hulk.

Food is their weakness. They dream about biryani, they think about nihari, and their life revolves around paye <3. Empty stomach makes them grumpy and they can turn into angry hulk very easily. I’d recommend people to stay away from them and their smashing 😉


3- The Hibernator

Hibernators are the most common type, hence can be found very easily. “Rozay mai son phi Ibadat hai”, their entire Ramzan is based on this one Hadith. Usually, they sleep right after Sheri and come out of their holes minutes before Iftar, therefore they do not feel thirsty and hungry at all!, But that’s not it they’ll tell anyone and everyone how amazing their fasts are… well of course sleep makes everything amazing!!!


4- The Haram- Police

Haram police aka the people who think they can tell others how Haram their life is just because they offered zuhur on time! *massive face palm moment*. These are the worst, and the sad part is that they can be found in every nook and corner of this earth.

You watch tv, that’s haram! I wear kajal, that’s haram! she applies lipgloss, that’s haram, THEY EXIST, THAT SHOULD HARAM!!


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One Thought to “Types of Rozay-dar… which one are you?”

  1. Anam

    Hehehe I am type 1-3 all in one 🙂

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