3 More Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy

There are unhealthy foods that are truly salutary! These foods have a really bad reputation. Over the years, we’ve been trained and told to keep a distance from several foods as they are not said to be “healthy”. Despite, knowledge is power. Let’s satisfy your cravings in the healthfullest way possible. Here are a few apparently unhealthy foods that are healthy and actually good for you.


The next time someone tells you to not eat potatoes, please ignore them. This food just has a bad reputation and is an unhealthy food that is healthy actually! Ladies, potatoes are rich in potassium, calcium, fibre and vitamin C. When cooking them, don’t peel off the skin because that’s where most of the nutrients are present. Instead wash them well as most raw potatoes are coated with dirt and pesticides. To avoid losing nutrients while cooking, do not boil them, but try baking or roasting them instead.

Dried Fruits

If you compare fresh fruits to dry ones, many will choose fresh. After all, dried fruit does contain a concentrated source of calories. However, dried fruits also happen to be rich in folate, potassium, fibre, antioxidants and vitamins. It is also a good example of an unhealthy food that is healthy for your body. As compared to fried snacks, dried fruits are a healthier choice. Give it up for apricots, prunes, raisins, apples and cranberries! These rockstars are delicious and make for a low fat snack when teamed with oats, yoghurt or milk.


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Avocado is immediately assumed to be fatty food. Well, that’s true, but it contains good fat and is surely a healthy food. From minerals to vitamins, this baby has the power to lower cholesterol levels, improve vascular health and boost anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, keeping you healthy and fit at the same time!

That is it from our unhealthy food that are actually healthy series. If you know some more foods that are healthy and are considered as unhealthy leave them in the comment section.

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