Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy

There are unhealthy foods that are truly salutary! These foods have a really bad reputation. Over the years, we’ve been trained and told to keep a distance from several foods as they are not said to be “healthy”. Despite, knowledge is power. Let’s satisfy your cravings in the healthfullest way possible. Here are a few apparently unhealthy foods that are healthy and actually good for you.


Yes, popcorns are healthy. We aren’t suggesting the caramel, cheese or salted popcorns. We are talking about the plain air-popped popcorn puffs as they are the healthiest. They tender a fabulous low-calorie snack as they are formed from whole grain and packed with antioxidants. They are actually a nutritious and wholesome snack. If that’s not persuasive fairly, you must know that Popcorn defeats the hazard of lifestyle-related illnesses and holds your digestive system salutary. Popcorn even is a better alternative to potato chips and is an absolute example of the unhealthy food that is healthy truly.

Egg Yolks

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Many people favour to avoid egg yolks and eat only the whites. They assume the yellow gooey matter pins up cholesterol levels and the whites are healthy food. If you think so as well, we’re sorry to explode your balloon. Egg yolks are a nutritional power house! In fact, they are tied with protein, vitamin D, phosphorous, mineral, selenium and choline. That’s a lot of health goods and is definitely an unhealthy food that is healthy for us.

Dairy Products

Except you’re lactose intolerant, there’s no reason to keep away from dairy products which are otherwise a healthy food. Low-fat dairy products have various benefits as they are abundant in calcium and protein. As a food product, dairy serves to hold your bones strong and keeps you feeling full for lasting hours. Did you also know that 1 glass of cow’s milk contains 8 grams of protein? While milk from coconut, rice, almonds and oats, only contain 1 gram of protein. How is that for an unhealthy food that is healthy actually?

There are a few more in the list. If you are interested, just stick around as we will have two more posts in this series.


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