Upgrade Your Subway Sandwich – A Few Tips

Who does not love Subway? With natural ingredients and dropping artificial flavors, Subway diet has been a perfect diet of the century. But there are so less people who know to pick best ingredients in the Subway game.

Here are some tips and tricks for you that will be upgrading your experience of Subway in a good way.

1. Choose Bread

Choosing bread is the most critical and most important step for getting a good sandwich. If you will use Oregano or plain bread then this can enhance your experience in better way. Italian bread can also be a good choice.

2. Chicken Options

Choose teriyaki chicken for a better taste or you can also choose BBQ chicken as well for boosting up the taste. Moreover,
ask for a lot of olives.

3. Sauces to be used

I never chose plain ketchup as it brings very ordinary taste to my sandwich. Although, I prefer mustard mayo, south west sauce, 1000 island, vinegar, and olive oil with salt and pepper seasoning. Ask for toast if you like your cheese melted.

4. Go for a lot of dressing

Do not hesitate to ask for dressing. Just go for everything you can. Lettuce, spinach, everything there that you can eat. Make it rich!

These tips are from me… You can share your own too in the comments section. Enjoy healthy diet.

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