Valentine’s Day on Fire Makeup Tutorial 🔥 | Jadirah

Valentine’s Day on Fire Makeup Tutorial 🔥

I know a lot of you won’t be celebrating Valentines Day so they can just ignore this video and continue living their life happily.



Born and raised in the ethnically heterogeneous city of Karachi, I have always had my own unique way of analysing scenarios. While the world might run to the south, I would head to the north.

You will either see me grinning ear to ear or with an arched left brow. What boredom feels like is a mystery to me. I am a Gemini in its true sense and dream of genetically cloning myself one day! Currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering (best of both worlds), I run this blog as an escapade from the freak show that goes around me.

Being the only daughter my flair for makeup and fashion needed an outlet and my passion for writing could not be expressed in a better way. Once you get lured into my garden, you will discover my quirky sense of humor and Einstein’s equation applied to everything. Driven by an adrenaline rush, I laugh in the face of hazard (not even kidding) and am greatly intrigued by science.

Many a times, I have been asked why do not I take up blogging as a full-time job and I guess by now you have an idea why. If not, well, I do not believe in sticking to just ONE thing. That’s too mainstream and monotonous for my taste.

Apart from blogging, I live to eat and need an excuse to celebrate every day.

Don’t be deceived by my photograph, heavy bikes, leather jackets, badass maroon lipstick, martial arts, football, guitar, marshmallow latte and my very own library are my other true loves.

Psst! Thought you might be here for…

Skin Type: Reptile

Hair Type: Horse Tail





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