Wait! What? Rakhi Sawant Being Pakistani Girl In Film n’ In Indian Get-Up?

Rakhi Sawant has been a “Queen of Controversies”. And recently she got trolled by people for posting a picture on Instagram posing with Pakistani Flag. Okay!

Later on, after people asking her, she clarified that she is working in a film named Dhara 370 as a Pakistani girl while wearing a low cut blouse and a feather skirt. Basically, she is playing the role of a girl who exposes terrorists in the film. Well, Indians obsession with Pakistani girls and terrorists in Pakistan. Another debate, for some other time.

Moreover, she has shown her love for Pakistan and its people by saying that she respects them. They are kind. She has put some pictures and videos of her shooting on the set to justify her action.

Here is the video in which she was talking about her role and Pakistan…..

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