What Happens When You don’t Have Sex!

Talking about this sensitive issue is quite taboo in our society as we are always taught not to discuss this.

Sex is considered to be a pleasurable and fun thing but apart from these things, it may have some effects on you physically. You might not know what happens to your body when you do not have sex for a while. It feels good but its not about pleasure every time. Its about need!

Stressed, Depressed

If you are not having sex, you will be visiting some doctor for seeking out the cure of your stress. You cannot feel much good if you are not having an intercourse for its kind of a necessary thing to keep going your married life as well. It lowers blood pressure as well.

Weak Immune System

By having a proper sexual life, you get proper and sound sleep, your body gets some balance in your hormones and ultimately you go towards a stronger immune system within your body. It will in turn, make you healthy and you can enjoy your life in a better way.

Lighter Period Pain for Females

For a woman, having frequent sex lights tha periosd pain with fewer cramps. Through the intercourse interact, the body gets rod of the cramps-causing compounds and help ending the periods faster and with less pain.

Emotional Health

Sex is necessary for maintaining one’s emotional health. It makes you satisfy and happy with yourself. Sex increases bonding in your relationship and strengthens your trust and dependency upon each other.

Physical Sickness Oftenly

Sex at least 2 times a week leads to a proper physical health. It burns calories and fats. People having proper sex life have higher level of immunoglobulin A in their bodies which works against diseases and keeps the body safe from flu and cold.


Porn consumption leads to Sexual Dysfunction

– Perceive you sexual partner as in real life you are not likely to get that perfection which you see over there.

– Expect sexual pleasure because sometimes you may not get pleasure in that. You may not in the situation to enjoy that to the level it is shown.

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