Why Kendall Jenner Isn’t Seen On The Ramp Anymore??

Kendall Jenner, for sure, knows how to rock on the ramp. Many of us expect to see her through the fashion week. It appears as a shock to all of us that she hasn’t stepped any fashion week shows this year. Well, the new teaser from Keeping Up With The Kardashians could explain why.

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Kendall Jenner actually sickens from Panic Attacks and throughout the fashion weeks, her stress goes worse worst. In the clip from the program, Kendall is on a call to her mum. And she is actually having a panic attack while being in Los Angeles. Kris Jenner, Kendall’s mum, proceeds on to describe Kendal’s exertions from anxiety and reflects that she has so much going on that she gets her self certainly tugged up. Kendall becomes most worried during fashion week. When she is travelling a lot, trying to toss everything is very devastating.

Now, this actually isn’t the first time someone talked about Kendall’s anxiety. In one of the previous episode, Kendall spoke about her concerns over travelling while on her way to the family:

It’s weird because I get super light headed when I am on planes too and feel like I am going to faint. Everyone says I am fine but I don’t feel fine.

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In January, Kendall also unrolled her worry to Harper’s Bazaar in an interview to Cara Delevingne when questioned what holds her up at night. Kendall answered:

I have such delibating anxiety because of everything going on that I literally wake up in the middle of the night with full on panic attacks. Where do I even start? Everything is so horrible, it’s hard to name one thing. I just think that the world need so much love.

Kendall too earlier exposed that she hasn’t really been outside a  lot just because of her anxiety. But that had a lot of dealing with stalkers. She said

That’s why I don’t like going out anymore.

That’s why I don’t tweet, that’s why I don’t Instagram. That gives me anxiety too, I swear. It’s the craziest thing.

Now you have to acknowledge that it is so much to deal with. People overlook the tremendous downsides of being famous. Well, we hope to see her back on the runway again soon. What are your thoughts on this, let us in know in the comment section.




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