Yasir Hussain Lost His Sense of Humor and People Are Bashing Iqra Aziz – So Much Fun, eh?

A few years back, a film “Karachi sy Lahore” hot our cinema screens and it was a real fun indeed (except from Shahzad Sheikh). Ahmad Ali Akbar and Yasir Hussain did a great job in entertaining us. The character of Moti was kinda fun and we all loved Yasir Hussain for that.

The character got so much fame that the story-line of the sequel of the film, Lahore sy Agay was surrounding around Moti. Although, it did not get that much of hit and fame.

A few days ago, Yasir Hussain posted a picture of him on Instagram where he was in the getup of a transgender for a role in film. Well, a normal person like me will definitely think that in the time where transgenders have been a part of mainstream media like in Coke Studio, then why not the film producers went out to find a transgender for playing the role. Anyway, it was just a normal question which people started asking and Yasir Hussain being a prick started replying people with such douche answers. You can see that by yourself.

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After that, a couple of days ago in one of his Instagram stories, someone asked him one word for Hania Amir and he replied Danedaar. The story behind was that some days ago Hania Amir posted her picture with a pimple on her face describing that she ain’t different and anyone can have an acne pore skin.


And Yasir Hussain being such a disgusting humorist once again got smashed by the actress herself and then other public and media celebs.


In all these events, people are so much interested in Iqra Aziz being his girlfriend. They are no way accepting the fact that someone smart and talented like her ended up with someone total jerk.

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